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CV and Professional Experience

On this page you will find:
1. Resume.
2. CV with detailed e
mployment, publication, grant support, teaching, mentoring and service history.

3. A list of recent data analysis projects.

4. A separate statement of teaching and mentoring experience.

5. A brief statement of professional expertise (computing and data analysis skills).

CV: Text

1. Resume

Four page summary of professional history and experience.


2. CV

Detailed CV (employment, publications, grant support, teaching, mentoring, service)

3. Recent Data Analysis Projects

Data analysis projects resulting in publications (2015-2020)


4. Teaching and Mentoring Experience

List of courses taught, mentoring roles, and thesis committee memberships


5. Statement of Professional Expertise

A brief (2 page) statement outlining my professional expertise.

CV: Files
CV: Files
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